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backwards drop into a water pit. In one of the corners, there is an area called. King of the Mountain - Remember playing King of the Mountain in grade school? All teams that register together will be placed in the same start wave. You can form a team before or after you register. You can also apply the cost of your ticket to an annual pass on the way out, so if you really like the place like I do, dont forget to stop by the ticket counter on the way out to upgrade! The grand opening is today and I cant wait to go back. . Worlds Toughest Mudder is the culminating event of the Tough Mudder calendar and takes the concept of being a Tough Mudder to a whole new level. Its super dark inside and it makes it so fun to slide down. Underwater Tunnels challenges Mudders to repeatedly plunge under a series of barrels dispersed throughout a cold body of water.

You will need to train beforehand Tough Mudder recommends that all participants possess basic swimming fundamentals and be skilled to not only tread water but also prepared t swim a minimum distance of 25-30 feet. You get repeatedly zapped with 10,000 volts of electricity, and it does NOT tickle. Hold Your Wood.0 - What was once a tiresome trudge with a log on your shoulder is now a 4 to 8 Mudder test of timber-toting, troubleshooting teamwork. We ask you to show up 2 hours before your official start time, which you will recieve via email 1-2 weeks prior to your event. For a stretch of course, Mudders must band together and carry a massive log over, under and through walls while ensuring no Mudder gets left behind. We put teamwork and camaraderie before our course time. Then peel off the label and put it sticky side up into the rectangular slot. The party rooms are super cute and colorful too! Children under 3 are free. They have a wall of different crayon colors that you can use to make your own custom box. Tough Mudder Post Party Whats happenin at the Base Area Post Party?

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