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more about the differences between a Dynamic field and a Lookup field, please click here. We'll call this the 'End user form' because it will be the form that the end user interacts with. Enter your discount code below to check validity. This will be the field for the user to enter a last name. When you type in a first and last name in the Lookup fields, the other fields that are 'watching' it should automatically populate if a match is found for the entered first and last name.

Coupon, lookup - All fields required
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Lookup fields can be used for several types of dynamic field relationships. Save: 40 off, f1 Teams (6) (22) (125) (4) (71) (9 scale models (3) (103) (3) (12) (29) (3) (3) (7) (106) (3) (496) (9) (2) (2) (2). At the stage of payment, check the field Using coupon and if there will be available coupons, similar to Available coupons: *. How to use points, when a grocery coupons for commissary customer places a new order, a fill-in-box for payment with points will appear at the step. Allow the user to select options from Lookup fields which will ultimately display a final price or value in a text/number field. If you import a CSV, the CSV headings should match up with the fields in your Data form.

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