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it came up strong! Again, we watered - or nature rained - everyday for a couple of weeks. Bloom Color: White (If not mowed miniclover (Trifolium repens) is a perennial clover only growing to approximately 4 - 6 inches tall making it ideal for a lawn alternative or to mix with your current lawn grass. I couldn't be more pleased! Great quality product, I've spread these on our lawn as a nitrogen-feeding no-mow method in lieu of the usual non-native grass lawn. Just a once a month mow or cut.

I am going to buy another bag to speed up the process! The turf is very dense, very lush, and very beautiful. With the first planting, we watered every day for 2 weeks. I started off with just a big mud dirt pile for a back yard. Only regret is I should have bought more seed because they are out of it now. Miniclover is evenly distributes itself in lawns; therefore, it doesn't have the patchy and weedy appearance as seen with ordinary white clover. So I tried to grow grass - but no luck. The dense clover growth alongside the growth of the turf grass will force out existing weeds as well as prevent the establishment of new weeds. It also works great as a natural fertilizer similarly to other dwarf, small leaved, micro clovers. In other words, you can almost "train" its growing height with infrequent mowings. Haven't seen it flower yet.