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the wall the couch folds into. Know what this finger means? The company went public in 1970 and continued to expand rapidly. . August 2, 1990. Little Miss Snarker : A nine-year-old girl with the dry wit of someone thrice her age.

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The Movie she ripped her picture of Arnold to shreds before tossing it and its heart-shaped frame off the back of the boat. Two words: sympathy tail. Oh, let's see, auto parts express coupon code hmm. Taking a hooker to the Mayflower Hotel. Best Hair on Back. Sewing bedsheets into hot air balloon so he can float over walls and fly to OTB. Tsundere : Type. Big Ol' Unibrow : Helga has a thick, black unibrow. Helga is confused as to why she is getting off scot-free, until Inga explains that she is not: at the end of the day, Helga is nothing but an angry and sad kid, who pushes away those who care about her, and because of that. The Nicknamer : She has a name for everybody. Don't feed raccoons at KOA campsites. I sat through the show.

Phrase-Catcher : "Whatever you say, Helga." Usually from Arnold (but occasionally from Gerald and other characters) when she tries to browbeat her way out of situations. How I forget my cares. Printing up T-shirts that say, "Don't shoot! Witch with a Capital B : "Olga Comes Home" when Helga changes one of Olga's grades from a "A" to "B leading Olga to have an emotional breakdown, has Helga refer to Olga as a "pompous, overbearing, arrogant witch".