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into griffin brother for a simple oil change, they charged me for a system cleaning additive w/o authorization, and continued to tell me I was is need of both a trans flush and filter and well. I know that u can change every parts and make it new. What impressed me is the staff had the best attitude about staying late for my tire probelm. This repair will cost over 1000.00 because of the 8 hours of labor required.

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Good for change of oil, tires. This is what has made our company successful and seperates us from our competitors. What really happened to my car? They charged me "110.- for "Diagnostics "49.95 to Clean Connection" and "12.80 for "Shop Supply" After three months the light was on again; I went to the shop and the Service man said that their "Computer Program" was down, "he would call me back" Since. A couple of hours later he called me and told me that I should go to the dealer because they did not like to mess with the Air Bags" How come he did not say that when he charged me 173.68 (With tax) the first. They did not let me know l oreal preference mousse coupon this and I had lost 3 quarts of oil when I finally realized the major leak; which equates to a quart plus a day. I rate them close to dishonest! I moved to south charlotte from PA about 4 months ago. Dont trust them, places like this give the industry a bad name. First of all we have 3 oil change packages which we explained to customer and none of which includes an additive. Add a Photo, photos (1 reviews, hi there!

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