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watermark, back plain, Proof, M-B.F M-50-2; 1 Jackson at left, Winged Justice at right, Proof, Jan. 7/5/2008 Lyle Branch New Listing: Cherry Valley. Wells.25, Chattanooga William F Brent.50, Cookeville Bilbrey 1, Cove Creek NY E TN Iron 10, Emory Mines Wilcox Minning. Tom Carson New Listing: Isabella Grocery, Dry Goods Store - Ducktown Sulphur Iron. 1885 Series C, July 1, 1884, -5-2b. Parker 2, Jackson; -. It is listed under Chattanooga,.). 12 1/2 cent G-1076, 25 cent G-1078, 50 cent G-1082, 5 G-1089, Memphis - City Exchange. It is from Lafayette, Indiana. Bank of TN at Nashville:.25 Sidewheeler, 1 signature, red Quarter doll.

Smythe Tom Durkin New Listing: Checks / Scrip Chaffin Kirk. We used the 500 award to purchase software, Dreamweaver and Adobe In Design, for the project. Smythe Auctions New Listing: Merchants Bank of Nashville (American) 1 Three masted sailboat sidewheeler, Proof; (Smythe) 10 Sailor holding flag, R: Liberty, L: Indian; (Heritage) 20 Portrait of Woman, R: Neptune in shell, L: Hope standing. Copy of Tennessee scrip listing (Sedman collection) with 279 photo copies of notes. I Stone, Treas., no date late 1870s, l-50c-1;.10 Vulcan Iron Works,. Therefore, when all books have been sold, access to the web site will be opened for nominal fee. First listing of Livingston. Most scrip issued prior to the Civil War was specifically printed for a specific company or businessman with the name printed and signed by the principle officer.

Additional Image / Serial.: Big Bottom. 1/20/2008 Sammye Lawson Corrected location of Laurel Hill, TN from Dekalb to Lawrence county and added information on cotton mill. Added 1860 census information. 9/23/2009 Stacks Auctions New Listing: Sutler scrip:.15 Reg. 7/25/2009 Spink, Schingoethe 18 X New Listing: Chattanooga / Eufaula 1 un-issued scrip, Union Bank of TN check payable at Jackson Henry Elrod.50, Un-issued checks on Union Bank of TN at Nashville: 75 cent, 6 1/4 cent and 12 1/2 cent, Check payable. After issue, 2 City Chattanooga, Type 2, due. After issue C-G.C-5-1 5/4/2016 Heritage Auction 241618 Eric Newman Sale New Listing: Chattanooga Scrip:.50. Co., 1838, Sh-M.WM-3 Improved or Color Images: Nashville Bank of Winchester: 2 Two in box R L, Nashville lower left, W-B.NB-2-2 Additional Image / Serial.: Nashville Bank:.50, Jackson / Old Hickory, June 20th, 1824, 2-50c 12/6/2013 Heritage FUN 2014 Auction New Listing: Bank. In 2002, the first PetsHotel is opened in Phoenix. .

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