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so he'll have to listen hard. As Cera leads Spike, Petrie rides Cera and Ducky is on Spike. High Point Construction Renovation, Inc. Enter your email to receive coupons in your inbox. Ducky says it's not good to eat plants that talk, "nope, nope, nope." Littlefoot continues pulling the leaf until a small pterodactyl comes sliding down. Cera then says his mother must have been stupid too.

The two go deeper into the growth, but argue over which direction. Angry, Littlefoot continues up the mountain.

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THE land before time debuted November 18, 1988 and faced off against Disney's newest feature, oliver AND company. This is when a large number of scenes considered "too intense" were trimmed. So there is a bit of a moral in it, too." As work began on the script, Don assigned some of his crew to begin creating concept art. Littlefoot says they weren't scared. Ducky discovers her family and introduces them to their new brother, Spike.

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