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Aperture (WCA) of f/2.8 and see how they look aesthetically. The 24-70 has a beautiful look to its bokeh, it has great sharpness, wonderful color and contrast and so forth. Canon Lenses Test, image Quality of Canon 50mm and Detail at Wide Open Apertures. Canon 24-70mm still being our favorite among the zoom lenses, and the. With all 4 Canon lenses at f/2.8, the aesthetic quality to the bokeh really starts to even out. Both of these lenses were sharp enough to make it difficult to tell a difference in sharpness prior to zooming in, but, once we zoom in, particularly around the area of the face and dress, you can see just how much more clear the 24-70mm. Lets start from the top at their. The only reason to get one of the cheaper primes would simply be because you need the extra stop or so of light, but from an aesthetic look, there simply isnt a big enough difference in my opinion to justify owning them in addition. So, clearly it is the low light winner, especially since it is quite sharp and usable when wide open. In fact, it becomes very tough to tell the difference between each lens when simply viewed at full screen. In addition, the bokeh has sort of a fuzzy and busy look to it which I dont find too appealing.

They also tended to break and require repair far more than any of our other lenses. SLR Lens Wars teaser video where we introduce the series and our testing methodology and all the other videos on each focal length.

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The Zoom Lens with Prime-Like Quality Now, here is what I would. This makes me golden buffet coupons centereach prefer the 50mm.8 once again over the.4 because while the f/1.8 has a bit less bokeh, to me its aesthetics are more pleasing, sharper, and has less of that soft dreamy look when wide open. Again, start with the Canon 24-70mm.8 lens for this focal range. So our recommendation, start with the.8. Nevertheless, it is tough to tell, even when zoomed. The Lens We Would Avoid I would recommend skipping over the Canon 50mm.4. At f/2.8, the lenses for the most part equalize in terms of center sharpness, at least visually. Color and contrast however are still very noticeably better in the L lenses over the standard primes as can be seen below. Nevertheless, it is by far the best value in the group. So what about more in the value range? I would start with the Nifty Fifty, then simply save up to jump right to the 50mm.2L. Compared to Canon L lenses like the 24-70 f/2.8 II, the nifty fifty feels like molasses at times.

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