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be included again. Whatever the case, tempers got so frayed the article and the talk page needed to be protected, until everyone calmed down and settled for a nice cup of tea and. It later turned out that it happened to be two anonymous users who shared the same IP address. Much like reality television, this could get nasty. Iron maiden A two-week revert duel (with accompanying Talkpage debates) over whether this should redirect to the band, the torture device, or the disambig page.

Here are the glorious winners with the most debates: 40 (44 counting deleted AfDs Gay Nigger Association of America ( 22 AfDs (26 counting deleted ones 13 DRVs, 1 RfD, 2 MfDs on the userspace draft that was eventually restored, and an MfD on the. It wasn't on the page for the character in question. All of the above? The edit warring continues for years and years. Hummus and friends Hummus: they love it in Israel, so shouldn't it be in Category:Israeli cuisine? Lichen irlandicus An even more epic battle: machine.

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Will working with others be permitted by this policy? Puberty Should boys or girls be listed first? The debate (and the edit war) settled down for a few months until someone associated with Miami Dade College, whose Hialeah Campus is, er, near Miami, rekindled the reversions with an insistence that the phrase should be cited with an online reference and that "near. Normally this would be seen as over-kill for a humor page, but only by fools and knaves, blind to just how important this page truly. Although the user pops up every once in a while under another sockpuppet, the debate fizzled out, with "tactics" remaining in the article unopposed. After a very passionate discussion and an inconclusive sockpuppet report, full protection ends the war. If she's more famous now, will she continue to be more famous in the future? Escalated to a request for arbitration, and eventually an Office Action.

We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow. The coffee always tastes absolutely fantastic created that way and also really will offer you a jolt each day nevertheless it is a powerful maker not the coffee. Pizza Hut was founded by brothers Dan and Frank Carney in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas.