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Patel, Saroj Patel, and Saroj Patel, Inc. ARE YOU familiar with THE 7-eleven franchise, 7-eleven loss prevention AND 7-eleven lawsuits? the sole purpose of acquiring these stores albeit through illegal means is to take back the stores, at no cost, with the intent to ultimately re-sell the store, for a fee, to a third-party purchaser. This would result in Dilip and Saroj losing their store, which they had for more than eighteen years, as well as the goodwill associated with their well-run store. Kellison reportedly refused to show the video clips to Dev Patel, who was in charge of day-to-day operations of the store.

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The franchisee screwed up, buy delivery, (I did, what a waste) or do local store marketing. Read the complaint exhibits here: Dilip Patel, Saroj Patel, and Saroj Patel, Inc.,. District Court for the Central District of California alleges that the convenience store giant is using storm trooper tactics to illegally seize valuable franchise rights from its franchisees in order to resell them for millions of dollars. The business model makes it impossible to make money. Quiznos franchise post warning would-be franchisees that Quiznos stores are money-pits and almost certain to fail. Customer Reviews, i was extremely pleased with everyone at Eanes, and my experience was exceptionally good. When over half the chain is financially distressed maybe it is them. Everyone was very knowledgeable and professional. Dilip and Saroj were then taken to a small room where they were surprised to meet 7-Eleven Asset Protection interrogators, Kevin New (New) and Steve Kellison (Kellison) (collectively, the Asset Protection Interrogators who immediately accused of them of fraud and wrongdoing with respect to couponing. Asset Protection interrogators Kevin New is alleged to have told the Patels that his mother used to work for the IRS and that the threatened lawsuit, and those like it, have a way of getting out to the IRS Upon information and belief, News mother. We felt they were honest about advising us of repairs to the old one and the issues with it being so old and the cost and benefits (tax credit, rebate, finance options) of a new system. Specifically, Kellison stated that one of two things would happen that day: the Patels would give up the store, including their equity, and pay 7-Eleven 100,000; or 7-Eleven would file a federal lawsuit against them, individually and/or collectively, for 250,000.