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that they have a role to play; I think that in some cases, especially like the Ivory Coast where theres been child slavery, its especially important. Theres so much to be learned still. But, I would still have to have a pretty large role to play in this process. I think theres still a feeling of competitiveness. Thats what happened, thankfully. Thats what other people are doing right now. The same applies to understanding the tempering process. I can imagine a job where you learn everything there is to learn about that job - you get so bored you want to hang yourself. About a year later, in 2007, I finally sold my first bar.

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I didnt know what I wanted to do with my life. Are you able to learn from other chocolate companies, or it a very competitive industry? I found this too, and this too. Its limited and you can not make 4,000 metric tons of chocolate and have it all be of excellent quality - even if you have the expertise. I got interested in chocolate in 2004. This cacao right there is organic, by the way. I feel like that question is way down the line for. I feel like people should know that it just doesnt make sense. That was my first experience making chocolate. She would like to be here all the time and I would like her. You'll see where and how Patric Chocolate is made! Those are good, he said.

Chocolate storybook coupon
chocolate storybook coupon