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I said that would be OK since we wanted to try this restaurant. The staff said they no longer honor them. I eat Indian food often and never had a reaction like that before. Food tasted good but the rude people were a turn off, will never spend my money here again. Everything was so perfect and delicious. The food was fantastic, the waiter was pleasant, and we had a great time. Just became its loyal customer.

New India Restaurant rated terrible rvice was t who force you for 15 gratuity with just 2 d don't accept credit card for. Even after such a long wait the Biriani served was too salty that we cant even have a spoon of e rice was also overcooked. I would NOT recommend this restaurant. They're only open four hours a day? Chutny Fine Indian Food rated we had a farewell party last day at Chutnys and the food was so bad.

Rude and impolite people. I may give a negative rating to this restaurant. This place blows away Cumin and Tikka Masala Grill. But there comes a day when you want garlic naan and tandoori tikka's. Few of them cancelled their order as it took almost 1 hour of wait time. Aab better watch out. Most of the restaurants put lots of cream etc in their dishes and mostly they come out to be little sweeter then spicier. New India Restaurant rated, i had an Entertainment Book coupon. I waited another 30mins with all my little ones and after getting it home and eating it (which it did taste good) got sick.

Aab india grandview coupon
aab india grandview coupon

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