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Canadian, but also to raise funds for NCD racers. Thur Jan Next Wednesday's race is going to be a SL at Mont Cascades A few had questions about the schedule for this year. Francois entertained us with his finals photos (avail on ). We did a FacePlant Masters, being the cool, hip, organization we are, have done a FacePlant. I heard nothing but nods. Temp: started at -3, dropped to -8.

A hot lunch is provided to all volunteers during set-up and on race days. Efontaine at Mon Nov 16 T and L Open House Tues Nov 17 at the 2615 Lancaster Street Warehouse The Lancaster Street Warehouse is serving as the temporary T L flag ship store until the reconstruction of 464 Bank St location is completed. She is a keen racer and has been with us for a number of years.

Nov The New Season! Were SO excited to offer everything you need for 12 months of international themed date nights. The prime motivation for this was the new group format prevents anyone who is not a fb user from seeing. There was not much sleeping going on, what with the all night partaying and people stomping in and out of the room at all hours of the night in ski boots. A strong northwest regional retailer with sales already approaching 250 million making it the third-largest specialty retailer in the United States, the company opened its first Southern California store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa in 1978.