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drill a hole through the outer side of the die, another hole through the shaft, and insert a 1/4" bolt or pin to mate with the shaft. When bending extremely tight radii, or using small-diameter die sets, you may need to add a piece of blocking to extend the reach of the bottle jack, as shown in the last 2 images. Feel free to skip this step if you don't intend to be moving your machine much or otherwise don't care about the weight. (Tip: Women love sentimental stuff like that!) All of the cuts on this box were made with my Harbor Freight Band Saw. Step 10: Cut Out Pieces for Center Slide Now cut out pieces for the center slide.

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Harbor, freight 33684 Central Machinery 7x10 Mini Lathe.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, lets get building! Step 27: Face the Other Side Now, loosen your chuck and flip your blank around. Bar clamps can be expensive!

Overall, the Aluminum and Steel Floor Jacks sold by Harbor Freight are an excellent buy. Harbor Freight has a reputation for selling cheap, foreign made tools that wont last long-term. Includes a, 1-1/4 inch dust port in the rear. We will be making the side pieces out of 1/2" aluminum plate. This can cause the blade to slip or run out. 5 Speed Bench Drill Press is a good choice. 5 Speed Bench Drill Press.

These are decent countertops, but a little thin. Pros: My band saw operates smoothly with little vibration. Make several shallow passes instead of one deep one. Overall, the Central Machinery 1/3 HP.