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Luciano Greggio, isbn, Italian/English text, ITL 180,000. Replacement chain sets can be supplied by afra and. Robin can accept a core TA from a 4-cyl car and rebuild it to a Montreal one for USD 350. 1678, May 1971, 1500 printed, for an English version; diass. This excellent miniature, boxed with a presentation stand and cover, was available in red only through Alfa Romeo dealers as an "accessory" (Part. RE-EL produced 1/20 scale plastic models (orange, green and pearl) in 1974. In accordance with French regulations, the official Alfa Romeo representative sofar (Socit Franaise Alfa Romeo) afixed an identification plate indicating the Type and Chassis. If a four-column vacuum gauge equivalent to Alfa Romeo.2.0014 is available it can be used with a set of four.2.0012 three-way adapters to fine tune the throttle synchronization. ( Gert-Jan Tas ).

This carried out degreasing, zinc phosphate coating and electro-deposition of the undercoat before final spray painting by hand. Veloce Publishing (isbn ). When reassembling the box, the cover plate bolts should be secured with thread lock and lock washers. WL268285, USD 119.99) which can provide 33 Amps at 1500 rpm.

Hence if a classic car is not used for a lengthy period, the battery must be regularly charged with an external trickle charger. Wheel nuts should be torqued to 6-8 mkg. Andrew Gaal reports that in Australia Terry Bebcobington of haircut coupons albuquerque Bebco Automotive, 26 Alexander Street, Alburn NSW 2144, Tel (61), rebuilds the units for AUD 398 (ex GST). This can be misleading because the firing order for this circuit is 2-3-8-5. With a slack cable, the rotary adjusters should be used to lock the brakes and then backed off just sufficiently for the shoes to clear the drums. ( Daniel Brosch ). Additional outdoor shots showed the Montreal in natural and stately home settings. The 1P mark on the flywheel is used for the inlet and exhaust cams of the right cylinder head and the 5P mark for those of the left head. A heart that is in good condition apart from the plating can be re-chromed.