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meets the letter-size standard in 201. Pieces in mixed aadc trays qualify for the mixed aadc price, except for pieces prepared under.4b. Other Dealer, uK traffic information: Delays, closures, incidents, roadworks, rail. 6.6 Saturation ECR kitanica coupon Standards - Letters.6. Letters must meet the requirements for automation compatibility in 201.3.0 and bear an accurate Intelligent Mail barcode encoded with the correct delivery point routing code matching the delivery address and meeting the standards in 202.5.0 and 204.

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Flats with Intelligent Mail barcodes entered under the full-service automation option also must be part of mailings that meet the standards in 705.23.0. When palletized under 705.8.0 and 705.10.0 through 705.13.0, in a 5-digit/scheme bundle of 10 or more pieces, or 15 or more pieces, as applicable. Bear a delivery address that includes the correct ZIP Code, ZIP4 code, or numeric equivalent to the delivery point routing code and that meets these address quality standards: The address matching and coding standards.6, and 602.9.0. 9.0 Customized MarketMail. Be part of a mailing that meets the standards in 705.23.0. Pieces mailed at high density plus prices must be sorted together in sequence in quantities of at least 300 pieces for each carrier route. 1.5.5 Computing Affixed Postage To compute postage to be affixed to each piece, multiply the weight of the piece (in pounds) by the applicable price per pound; add the applicable per piece charge and any surcharge; and round the sum up to the next tenth. The combined weight of the DAL and associated sample must be less than 1 pound; there are no additional fees for use of DALs with pieces mailed at targeted prices. 3.7 Residual Mail Subject to First-Class Mail First-Class Package Services Retail or Priority Mail Prices Pieces prepared as usps Marketing Mail (i.e., that bear usps Marketing Mail price markings, ACS codes, etc.) that do not qualify for Enhanced Carrier Route, automation, or Presorted usps Marketing. All pieces in an automation mailing must be eligible for an automation price. Marks to call attention to words or passages in the text. 7.2 Eligibility Standards for Full-Service Automation usps Marketing Mail All pieces entered under the full-service Intelligent Mail automation option must: Bear a unique Intelligent Mail barcode.

Each letter and flat piece must bear the addressees name and delivery address, including the correct ZIP Code or ZIP4 code, except as allowed when using alternative addressing formats under 602.3.0 or detached address labels under 602.4.0. As one or more parcels that mailers drop ship to a DDU under. The usps does not guarantee the delivery of usps Marketing Mail within a specified time. 7.3 Maximum Weight for Automation Letters Maximum weight limit for automation price mail.5 ounces (0.2188 pound).

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